Hung Municipalities need more support - 04 August, 2017
The August 2016 Local Government Elections results created a number of hung municipalities around the country, Gauteng had a share of them. Hung municipalities are simple municipalities
Lack of Council experience prominent in Gauteng Municipalities - 04 August, 2017
Despite challenges in the local governance legislation processes, Gauteng municipalities are among the best governed in the country. This was revealed by MEC Mashatile during the State of Governance in Gauteng Municipalities Roundtable Discussion
Roundtable discussion on the state of governance in Gauteng municipalities - 02 August, 2017
The MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Human Settlement, Mr Paul Mashatile, hosts a roundtable discussion on the state of municipalities governance
MEC welcomes Mogale City Council’s adoption of the budget and the IDP - 12 July, 2017
The MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Paul Mashatile, welcomes the adoption of the 2017/18 Budget and the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) by the Mogale City Council on 11 July 2017

Local Governance
The Local Governance Programme seeks to strengthen the developmental state by enhancing participatory governance and institutional stability as well as
Development Planning
This programme seeks to coordinate, facilitate and promote integrated development and planning in municipalities to ensure that a variety of services are
Traditional Institutional Management
The purpose of the programme is to promote, facilitate viable and sustainable traditional institutions through supporting and enhancing the capacity of