Local Governance
The Local Governance Programme seeks to strengthen the developmental state by enhancing participatory governance and institutional stability as well as building the capacity and capability of local government to achieve its constitutional mandate.  The goal of the programme is to promote and facilitate viable and sustainable local governance.
The Local Governance Programme comprised sub-programmes such as Governance and Intergovernmental Relations (IGR); Policy and Research; Municipal Finance Support; Municipal Institutional Support (Capacity Development); Municipal Performance Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation (Finance) and Municipal Performance Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation (Service Delivery) to accomplish its objectives.
The objectives to be achieved under this programme include the following:
  • To provide management and support services to local government within the regulatory framework;
  • Monitor and support municipalities to ensure financially viable and sustainable municipalities in accordance with applicable Acts;
  • To deepen democracy by promoting community participation through appropriate structures, processes and systems and facilitating access to government services.
  • To coordinate, support and monitor capacity building initiatives;
o    To improve municipal performance through enhanced monitoring, reporting and evaluation;
o    To improve the image of local government;
o    Implement a differentiated approach to local government in Gauteng;
o    Monitor and support  legislative compliance;
o    Establish and support Viable and accountable governance structures;    
o    Intergovernmental and stakeholder relations -  improved integration and planning;
o    Facilitate devolution of powers and functions to ensure stable Local Governance;
o    Improved public participation; 
o    Appropriated  finance model for local government to promote sustainability and viability;
o    Anti-corruption enforcement;
o    Urban management and Planning (built environment);
o    Building capacity and capability towards professionalising local government;
o    Policy development towards differentiated approach – social inclusivity;
o    Enhance participatory governance through CDW programmes;
o    Facilitate access to basic services for poor communities and to
o    Facilitate access to information.
The overall performance report of this programme can be accessed on the Department’s Annual Report.
Contact Programme Officials on: 011 355 4884